Android has released a new Tetris. Prepared a review of new items

Android has released a new Tetris. Prepared a review of new items

The Tetris game on smartphones first appeared in 2008 with the release of iOS and cost $ 9.99. Then the companies did not offer any in-app purchases, the players received full functionality. Later, in 2011, EA removed the old app and released a new one with in-app purchases.

Since then, the series has not received new games, and only after 9 years can we again enjoy the updated Tetris. On January 23, the new Tetris from N3twork came out on Google Play and the App Store, and it’s time for us to study it. It is interesting that Tetris, released in 2011 by EA, was removed from stores a couple of days ago.

Android launches new Tetris

Why is the new Tetris so good? Firstly, I didn’t play the old one, so I can’t say for sure what it is better than the new version, but we can evaluate it from the gameplay videos.

The new Tetris has the opportunity to choose levels. In total, we are offered 6 different levels, which differ not only in the background picture, but also in the effects of falling shapes. As in the usual Tetris, at each level with several successful completion of a whole series of figures, an increase in complexity occurs. Depending on how many rows you managed to destroy at a time, the game may take you one or several levels higher.

Tetris story

I allow myself a little retreat with the story of where Tetris came from. The word “Tetris” consists of two words “tetramino” and “tennis”. And if everything is clear with the latter, then what is tetramino? This is a geometric figure consisting of four squares that are connected by sides. There are 5 of them, and everyone knows how they look.

Tetris was invented by the Soviet programmer Alexei Pazhitnov on June 6, 1984. Before this game, tetraminos were used in various forms in other games, and Alexei drew inspiration from Pentamino, whose idea was to collect a square or rectangle of 12 tetramino figures.

Tetris is among the ten most important computer games in history. In addition, it is also the best selling. For one GameBoy alone, 35 million copies were officially sold, and on mobile devices, 425 million users bought the game. In Russia, Tetris was most often found in the Brick Game prefix:

Brick game

So, back to the new game. What else can you tell about her? Nothing in general. In the settings, you can change various sound settings. I would also like to talk about the minuses, because, in my opinion, they are here. The main drawback for me is gesture control. It is, of course, relevant in 2020, but not entirely convenient.

For example, using the buttons you can quickly move the figure in the event that it is about to land. It is more difficult to do with gestures, and if at the same time you try to crank it out under accelerated mode, which is activated by swiping down, you are unlikely to succeed. To rotate a figure, you do not need to swipe, but simply tap on the screen.

According to the schedule, it cannot be said that it is any special here. Nice picture, nice animations, but all this certainly does not cause surprise. But what the game will definitely cause is the feeling of nostalgia due to the soundtrack – the stylized song “Kalinka Malinka” plays in the background. In addition, you can choose the stylization of the Brick Game prefix, in this case, the background in pixel style will symbolically depict St. Basil’s Cathedral.


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