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Despite the fact that lapel mics have turned out to be smaller in measure, some may discover it can be somewhat precarious to conceal one from the camera. In the event that you are a shooting a meeting or a news station, disguising the lav mic isn’t generally a worry however for some other circumstance, concealing it from see is frequently favored or required as in a video motion picture or common shoot circumstance. You clearly need the best quality sound with no obstruction or the mic appearing in the video. So on the off chance that you are searching for approaches to disguise a lav mic, here are a few choices. Some of the time you simply need to get inventive secluded from everything the lav mic from see:


On the off chance that you have never considered the neckline of the shirt your subject is wearing, the time has come to do as such at this point. It is an incredible place to shroud the mic actually on display, particularly with a dull shirt. You can tuck the mic in the ability’s neckline while running the wire in the face of their good faith and hiding it from plain view. Tape the wire on the back or utilize an additional wire-cut, and with the mic sitting pleasantly out of view in the neckline, it is very much situated to record quality sound clandestinely.

Polo T-Shirt

In the event that your subject is wearing a dim Polo shirt, concealing the lav mic turns out to be super simple. Polo shirts have a few catches that give you the ideal space to conceal the mic. Just embed the mic in the base catch gap from the back with just the tip of the mic projecting. Secure with the clasp at the back or utilize a little tape and you are situated well and prepared to go.

On the other hand you can position the mic in the base ‘V’ of the Polo T-Shirt. In the event that you basically do-up one catch then the mic cut is all that will be expected to anchor the mic – no tape required.

Utilize a Stunt Shirt

This is basically a prop-shirt or a shirt you can give your ability to wear with a front pocket that positions the mic inside near the best. The shirt itself has a little gap at the back of the pocket to lead the covered wire down to the module recording or transmitting gadget frequently worn at the back of or in the subjects gasp stash.


Despite the fact that utilizing your subject’s chest may not be a smart thought for each circumstance, you can even now tape the mic on the body, with consent clearly. As a matter of fact, the chest zone is an extraordinary place to shroud the mic without going into much inconvenience. Basically tape the mic to the ability’s chest and secure the wire by taping it set up down to the account or transmitting gadget typically anchored on their belt. You can likewise utilize their singlet or undershirt to append the mic inside the shirt which turns into a great thought if your subject has chest hair. Give them genuine feelings of serenity in not removing the tape from skin with potentially a great deal of hair. This technique by the way is the most generally utilized strategy in motion picture sets!


Numerous shoots use dressing frill with their ability and in that gives an extraordinary method to cover the mic too. Numerous embellishments like caps, handkerchiefs, ties and scarves give you numerous awesome spots to conceal the mic. The darker the embellishment, the less demanding it is probably going to be to shroud the mic.

So with a little inventiveness and spontaneous creation you would now be able to see that concealing the lav mic from see is neither troublesome or tedious with various choices accessible relying upon the shoot you need to do and the clothing worn by the ability and frill or attire accessible.

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