Microsoft’s cloud gaming comes to Google Play

Microsoft continues to work on the development of streaming technology that broadcasts games to tablets and smartphones. It is known that Project xCloud technology will allow us to play on any device, anytime, anywhere. In 2019, the company promised to begin open testing, which will help to collect enough data for the further development of the service and, it seems, we have waited for certain results.

A preview of the Xbox Game Streaming application, available for pre-installation, has already appeared on Google Play, which may indicate an early release of xCloud.

Upon launch, the application notifies that the user will need an Xbox wireless controller with Bluetooth for the game, and tells that the subscriber will be able to stream games from the Xbox to the mobile device using Project xCloud, and also notifies that this will require an invitation. Apparently, access to the beta test will be limited in time and the number of invited testers.

Participants are also encouraged to send their feedback to the development team and then invited to log in. After that, a window opens with an Xbox profile picture, under which there is a button “Learn more”. She leads to the homepage. It seems that we will have to wait a bit before we are allowed to test everything.

During the inside Xbox event, Microsoft already showed the service’s work this spring. It is known that Project xCloud will allow you to run games on any device, including PCs, consoles, smartphones and tablets. They plan to realize this opportunity with the help of cloud technologies of the company and controllers.

The principle of operation is as follows: the game will be launched in the Microsoft data center and broadcast to any user gadget. To control you need good internet and a wireless controller. An employee of the company demonstrated how it would look by launching the Forza Horizon 4 arcade simulator on his smartphone.

To convey information to the audience in a more accessible form, Karim Chowdry, the head of the gaming cloud division, drew an analogy with music that we don’t choose in advance, we don’t think about what to listen to at home and what is in the car. It comes on its own, we listen to music to the mood. That is how Project xCloud should work. According to Karim, the future lies precisely with him.

Chowdry stressed that Microsoft is not going to “kill the console and monopolize the market.” The idea of ​​xCloud is to make video games as accessible as possible to anyone from anywhere in the world.

At the same time, it does not matter at all whether the gamer has certain equipment or not – for this, the company’s servers are needed. The company’s specialists expect that after the launch of the service, about two billion people from around the world will join it.

Will Microsoft servers withstand – for sure. Other questions arise. Why is the Xbox Live service so lagging that, before the announcement of all these cloud cases, flew at a furious speed, and since 2006 it has been closed for prevention only twice? Is this because of Project xCloud?


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