How are the connections established between the AWS hybrid cloud and your data center?

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In our previous articles on the hybrid cloud, as strategies to implement a hybrid cloud and the hybrid cloud and a successful AWS solution, we told you how this AWS proposal works for companies looking to make a gradual or partial migration to the cloud but want to enjoy all its benefits, we have already exposed success cases, uses and different scenarios in which it is considered the best option to ensure business growth.

We know that the more critical workloads grow, the more storage space we will require. There are several factors that influence the growth of these workloads, whether due to increased demand for services, the use of analytical applications that discover and analyze patterns and trends in customers so that it is necessary to save that information, the storage of audio and video content or the opening of new business lines that imply having more available on demand.

In this article, we are going to talk about three services that ensure safe and effective data transfer between data centers and the AWS cloud. Transferring data takes time and can become tedious without the right tools.
Fortunately, you can count on the AWS cloud to accomplish all of these tasks, as we mentioned earlier, data transfer takes time and a secure channel to transfer data. AWS has the best services to ensure a successful and secure data transfer.

In AWS your data center connects with the S3 storage service, in this service you have the possibility to process, analyze, or archive your data in the AWS cloud. There are several tools used to securely connect your data center to AWS.

AWS DataSync

It is an online transfer service that simplifies, automates, and accelerates the transfer of data between your local center and the cloud. AWS DataSync works with a virtual agent that is installed in the customer’s data center and creates a secure connection to the DataSync service, as soon as the data transfer begins, the DataSync service takes over storing the information in the preferred service Whether it is Amazon S3, Amazon EFS or FSx for Windows File Server when the data is in any of these services it can begin to process, archive or analyze said data.

AWS DataSync can be used to:

  • Migrate data that is inactive applications without interrupting the operation of the application.
  • Transfers for processing in the cloud in case your local center does not have the necessary program.
  • Storage service to free up space in your local data center.
  • Data replication for information protection and recovery.

AWS Transfer

AWS Transfer is a fully managed SFTP / FTPS AND FTP service that has data transfer protocols that are integrated with the financial services, retail, healthcare, and other industries.

L as workloads SFTP / FTPS and FTP can be complex and expensive because it imposes an operational burden on the IT team, the management of users often be complex and integration with cloud environments can become a challenge.

AWS Transfer uses an Amazon S3 block to store the files, in this way we get rid of the servers that we have on-site. With this service you can have all the administrative tasks, storage, users created, and configured within the same service.
WS Storage Gateway

It is a hybrid storage service that allows your applications that are in your data centers to use AWS storage without any problem, this service helps to reduce and simplify the structure of your data storage or remote offices. AWS Storage Gateway has 3 versions:

  1. File Gateway: For file-based applications
  2. Volume Gateway: Show volumes to our servers
  3. Tape Gateway – Makes it easy and easy to bring your tape backup to AWS.

In AWS Storage Gateway the applications are connected through a virtual machine or hardware device, the Gateway connects with AWS storage services such as S3, S3 Glacier, among others. After the connection is established, storage for files, volumes, and virtual tapes is provided on AWS. This option is used to obtain low latency access to the most active data and the connection is made through a very secure channel.