The UK’s free mental health text line by Snapchat teams up with Shout


Snapchat is collaborating with Shout, the UK’s free content line for anybody enduring a psychological well-being emergency, to reveal an incorporation of the help inside the application. A UK adaptation of the U.S.- established Crisis Text Line, Shout dispatched in May 2019 with illustrious sponsorship — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, […]

The internet revolution is leading us to a change of era

The Year of 2015. Congress of political scientists and lobbyists in Miami. The massive marches in São Paulo disturbed Dilma Rousseff. No one fully understood what was happening. An unknown panelist, who had been given a few minutes to speak, began his intervention by saying: “I ask you to remember three numbers: 60, 30, 0. […]

Internet: How did the world change?

Today, most people cannot live without the internet. Gone are the days when you have to stay home to access the internet. Now you can take it anywhere as long as you have your mobile phone data service. The Internet revolutionized not only communication but also how it changed the way of life. Now, you […]

5G: what is it, advantages

5G is a term that we have been hearing for some time, but the truth is that it is increasingly present in any environment that has to do with technology. We already hear a lot about mobile phones with 5G and the advantages of this new generation of technology, which causes many doubts to be […]


Currently, around 40% of the world’s population has an internet connection. Twenty years ago, only 1% enjoyed this means of communication. What would we currently do without this platform that allows us not only to communicate but also to stay up-to-date, inform ourselves of what is happening in real-time, buy and sell products, obtain new […]

Electronic Commerce: How it has changed over time

The ways and ways that human beings use to carry out our daily tasks have evolved over time: how we transport, communicate, and interact, and how we consume. Electronic Commerce came not only to stay but to change our lives and revolutionaries in an unprecedented way. It can be said that the first samples of […]