How technology can help you cope with a return to routine

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From CTI we want to make your return to work easier by recommending some computer applications that will help you manage your daily tasks and organize yourself at work in a more comfortable and simple way.

What organizational advantages does technology offer you?

Before you start organizing, you will need a technological device, be it a computer, smartphone, or tablet, and an internet connection. The proper use of the tools that the network provides you for task management depends on you but, if you apply yourself, you will be able to get many advantages:

  • Your productivity will surely improve thanks to applications that will optimize your to-do list and save you time.
  • You will be able to digitize your tasks and documents, such as invoices or delivery notes, and increase spending control.
  • Incorporate new functionalities and thus improve the services you offer.

Technological applications for work organization

Do It Tomorrow. It is one of the best-known tools for online task management and works in a very intuitive way, like a traditional agenda: on one page you write down today’s tasks and tomorrow’s tasks on another, prioritizing them as best you consider.

  • Producteev. If you want to manage teamwork, this tool is excellent for this, as it allows you to subdivide the general list of tasks into smaller ones and assign them to different people on your team.
  • Remember The Milk. This tool is ideal because it notifies you of the notices to your Gmail account.
  • Assemble. Organize your tasks integrating them with your profiles on social networks. It is a good tool for managing team tasks and even offers you the possibility of giving access to clients.
  • Base Camp. An excellent manager of collaborative tasks in the cloud that allows distributing the list of tasks according to the responsibilities of the team members and the objectives to be achieved.
  • Wunderli st. The extraordinary online project manager that allows you to organize your tasks according to their importance. It is also a very useful tool for collaborative work that gives you the option of delegating tasks to other team users.
  • Hibox. With this tool, in addition to managing your tasks, you can share information with the different members of your team and answer questions through written chat or video chat and comment on the development of a campaign in real-time.
  • Worker. Ideal for synchronizing with the entire suite of Google business applications through Gsuite, being able to simultaneously combine all tasks and files shared in Drive from the same platform or app.

As you can see, there are many advantages that new technologies offer you, so you have little reason to regret your return to the routine. Today everything is digitized and you can make your working days count magnificently by making practical use of all those tools that are easily at your fingertips, designed to improve your day-to-day life.

Relational databases are the most suitable for managing company data. The first thing is to have a good relational database management system (DBMS) that allows you to store and access data quickly and in a structured way.

You will be able to have access to the Informa database and the Experian bureau or the RAI for the exchange of negative information and payment notifications.