What is the best gaming PCs in 2021

best gaming PCs in 2021

The popularity PCs has detonated lately. Without a doubt, there are a lot of individuals who will not surrender their dearest supports, however countless gaming aficionados have been moving their consideration. Furthermore, all things considered. First of all, the games are regularly less expensive and the expansiveness of accessible titles is really astonishing. You can […]

The UK’s free mental health text line by Snapchat teams up with Shout


Snapchat is collaborating with Shout, the UK’s free content line for anybody enduring a psychological well-being emergency, to reveal an incorporation of the help inside the application. A UK adaptation of the U.S.- established Crisis Text Line, Shout dispatched in May 2019 with illustrious sponsorship — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, […]

How technology can help you cope with a return to routine

From CTI we want to make your return to work easier by recommending some computer applications that will help you manage your daily tasks and organize yourself at work in a more comfortable and simple way. What organizational advantages does technology offer you? Before you start organizing, you will need a technological device, be it […]

The importance of computer services in the company

In recent years we have witnessed a true technological revolution, in which computing has been gaining importance to become essential for almost all aspects of our lives. In the business field, IT services have become a determining factor for the productivity of companies. For this reason, it is essential to have the presence of a […]

Tips for being productive while telecommuting

Although in Spain the habit of teleworking is still not very widespread, every day more companies and organizations offer their employees the possibility of working from home, as a measure to provide flexibility to their workers and thus facilitate family and work reconciliation. This is an outstanding measure within what is known as emotional salary, […]

What are the advantages of developing custom applications?

The hectic and digital world in which we live forces us to be increasingly demanding with the work we do and with the objectives we need to meet. For this reason, the need to optimize our resources to the maximum by having the best possible technology to carry it out becomes vital. Therefore, for custom […]

Information technology services, what are they?

Being able to differentiate yourself in a saturation and competitive environment is an hard task. Progressively, a more noteworthy number of organizations break down their environment, in addition to the weaknesses they may have, with the aim of being efficient, operational, and, above all, useful for society. In that sense, relying on information technology services […]