What is Artificial Intelligence?

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The term Artificial Intelligence is used to identify applications based on the combination of algorithms that allow creating solutions with capabilities similar to those of the human being.

Those are solutions that learn and solve problems by imitating human cognitive abilities.

For this, the machines are capable of applying algorithms that allow them to identify, in the face of new data entry and historical records (experience), what it is.

Being able to carry out, from future forecasts (sales forecasts or recommendations of the next product that a client will buy), to identify text, voice, and image entities from their experience.

Where can I apply Artificial Intelligence in my company?

The artificial intelligence can be applied in many different ways in your company.

To give an idea of ​​its capabilities in the form of solutions, we could distinguish between solutions based on making “predictions” and solutions based on applying knowledge to extract information from entities of unstructured information (text blocks, voice files, or images ).

Prediction case, we could consider a case of detection of fraud or non-payment.

If we have a business model that needs to specify if our clients may be causing us some type of fraud, our solution based on Artificial Intelligence will make a forecast of whether that transaction may be fraudulent or not, and once its result is provided the same algorithm will learn on the real result obtained, so that the solution constantly improves and learns from the historical records it has, gaining precision.

In the case of machine learning capabilities, they allow our applications to acquire comprehension capabilities on voice, text, and image files.

In this way, through one of our customized solutions to your needs, we could identify entities within:

– Images (great use within the production chains for the validation of the correct packaging and packaging of products)

– Voice files (understanding the tone of voice of an interlocutor or ability to switch to the text, so that if our company has a customer service, it can give priority to a call based on the tone presented by the customer)

– Text files (comprising text blocks, being able to ask questions and have a conversation with a user responding to their needs).

What steps should I follow to implement a solution of this type in my company?
Contact us and we will guide you to identify the projects that can give you a competitive advantage, improving your services, sales, or production costs. Guiding you in the phases to be completed, in their implementation and maintenance.

What other technologies can be useful for my company?
In addition to Business Intelligence, there are more technologies that are changing business strategies, among which we find Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, both technologies are linked hand in hand with BI.