Apex Legends Guide For Beginner

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The field of online games is becoming highly competitive but Apex Legends is still more popularity now day.

It is no longer enough to decide which game we like the most or which one we want to spend more hours on, if we want to stand out we need to know the title well and develop a previous strategy.

So you don’t have a problem doing it, here’s the Apex Legends guide.

How to get all Apex Legends weapons?

There is no secret or trick to get all Apex Legends weapons, beyond staying very attentive to what happens.

In Apex Legends we can find weapons in the surroundings of the buildings, also inside, behind some doors and, above all, aboard packs fallen from the sky.

Be very aware of those falls, because there are weapons that can only be obtained through this method and surely all your rivals will not waste a second to get them.

In the game there are 18 weapons, but we have reduced the list to the 10 that we consider most useful and efficient when it comes to taking down your opponents:

  • Kraber .50-cal Sniper Rifle
  • Mastiff Shotgun
  • Carbine R-301 assault rifle
  • Devotion light machine gun
  • Longbow DMR precision rifle
  • Peacekeeper Shotgun
  • M600 Spitfire Light Machine Gun
  • Triple Take Sniper Rifle
  • VK-47 Flatline Assault Rifle
  • G7 Scout Precision Rifles

How to have all the characters in Apex Legends?

In Apex Legends there are characters that will be available from the first minute of play (Bloodhound, Bangalore, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder or Wraith) and many others that you will have to unlock in order to play with them.

The way they are unlocked has no mystery, as they all share cost or, rather, cost value.

Obviously, to achieve that value in ‘our pocket’ you can take care of the real money or earn it by taking hours in the game.

Once you get some “savers” in Apex Legends, you can invest 12,000 Legend tokens or 750 Apex coins to acquire each new character.

Among the list of possible ones you will find Caustic, Mirage, Octane, Wattson, Crypto, Revenant, Loba or Rampart.

How to get free packs?

As with other games like this, Apex Legends also regularly offers free packs that players can get.

Within those packs we can get gifts like skins, other kinds of customizations or even some advantage that put into play in this Battle Royale.

But the question is how to get those free packs? Well, you’re going to tell us to repeat ourselves, but again the trick is to be vigilant.

However, in this case it is more about being attentive to social networks and any other means in which Apex Legends can advertise.

In the end, these free packs are just forms of promotion or even collaborations with other brands in exchange for some kind of commercial merger.

For example, one of the best known methods of getting 5 free packs is to have a Premium account on Twitch.

Those who already have an account on the platform will see it as a good gift, but it is no less true that those who do not have it, will start to see with good eyes the thing of becoming Premium.

Anyway, a covert promotion that seeks to grow both companies.

In any case, these free packs sometimes also appear on social networks or other places whose obtaining is completely free.

However, you need to be among the first to discover the gift to get the free packs.

That’s why we said being vigilant (and alert) is the main thing.

How to upgrade Battle Pass in Apex Legends?

To raise the battle pass level in Apex Legends we have two paths: the easy and the difficult.

The easy, to the surprise of few, is to pay for that upgrade.

In exchange for 2,800 Apex coins that cost the luxury Season Pass, you have the option to raise 25 hit levels and improve our level overnight.

The other option, the difficult one, involves a little more work (but probably also greater satisfaction).

We already know that in this Battle Royale it is extra bonus to play with friends, so exploit this option and try to always play Apex Legends accompanied by players in your friends list.

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If you manage to be among the last three survivors, the bonuses earned will be higher and you’ll be able to upgrade the Battle Pass faster.

If you also have the best way to eliminate champions in the first place, then you will receive extra bonuses and manage to level up at the same time as you enjoy a fearsome fame among the rest of the players.

How to play with other platforms?

From the moment Apex Legends consolidated itself as a success at the level of players and different consoles.

Everyone began to think about the possibility of incorporating crossplay, that mode that allows players from the same game, but with different consoles to play the same game.

Well, to this day we can confirm that this crossplay will be a reality in Apex Legends, but we have to tell it in the future because, despite the incessant rumours that spoke of August or early September, the official activation of this service has not yet occurred.

However, the game managers have officially confirmed it, so playing with other platforms is only a matter of time.

What devices does cross play exist with?

As this is a feature that will still be available, we still can’t secure anything.

Apex Legends is currently available to Steam, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch players.

It seems logical then to think that crossplay may be active for players on any of these platforms.

However, it is not disposable that the new option has a progressive landing and is at first only available to some of those platforms, subsequently reaching the rest.

In any case, until the cosplays in Apex Legends is not officially active, we will not be able to confirm or deny anything.