How to get V-Bucks and avoid scams

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Is it possible to get free V-Bucks Fortnite, or are they locked behind real money?

Fortnite’s free V-Bucks are something that players often look for, but as the old saying goes, there is no free lunch and this absolutely applies to this situation. There are ways to add more to your existing offering, but completely free V-Bucks Fortnite are not a thing, and you should be wary of any offer promising to provide them.

It’s obviously tempting to search for free Fortnite V-Bucks, due to the impressive number of skins, emotes and more you can unlock by using them in Fortnite. Unfortunately, we have bad news for you, because any site offering “Fortnite V-Bucks free” is a scam, so don’t give them your account details or your personal information.

The quickest way to get Fortnite V-Bucks is always to spend real money on them through the in-game shop, but that said, all is not lost. you can always earn “free” V-Bucks in Fortnite, and we have all the details on how to do it below, including Fortnite Save The World.

Getting paid by progression

The easiest way to unlock free Fortnite V-Bucks is to take fortnite to the next level with experience points by completing Fortnite quests. As you progress, you’ll reach new levels in the Battle Pass system (both the free and paid version) and a handful of these levels will give you 100 V-Bucks each time to spend in the Fortnite store.

Level gain is best by playing aggressively and killing, surviving longer and getting an experience bonus. All these achievements will give you experience points that will allow you to progress, so it’s advantageous to play more and that’s exactly what Epic wants you to do.

V-Bucks via Fortnite: Saving the World

Fortnite’s unique and less well known horde mode offers every day login rewards, day by day journeys and prizes for Storm Shield Defense missions.

These are quick and easy ways to get a small amount of currency each day, even if you will first have to buy this mode.

Save The World is currently priced at $15.99 / $12.99 and is available by purchasing the Machinist Mina pack. You can earn thousands of V-Bucks Fortnite by simply playing the game every day and completing missions, but if you don’t like the basic gameplay, this can be a hindrance as it is very different from the royal battle mode.

Avoid V-Bucks scams

Now that Fortnite is making a splash around the world, many dishonest players are trying to take advantage of players looking to buy new equipment in the game. There are dozens of unofficial sites, YouTube videos and social media posts that promise free Fortnite V-Bucks. Each of them is false.

Whatever happens, don’t provide any account, personal or credit card information to a site or person, even if they say they’re from Epic Games (they’ll never ask for personal information for something like that). Be very careful with any offer like this, as there is no legitimate way to win free V-Bucks Fortnite outside the game or through problems.

Winning V-Bucks is of course a difficult task, as you will have to play for tens of hours before you can afford a 1,500 V-Buck item. Don’t be discouraged if you see this as a big obstacle ahead of you, because winning this flashy glider will be much better than throwing $10 for it.

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