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How to Get Free V Bucks in 2022

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Before we get into free V Bucks section you should know about Fortnite game. The Fortnite game has been ‘breaking the cord’ for a few months now when it comes to online games. The concept is probably not the most groundbreaking, since the basis of this video game is the well-known Battle Royale system that we have seen in others so many titles.

However, what makes Fortnite particular is the support it has had from the hand of important youtubers, a sign that the platform is worth its weight in gold.

What is Fortnite?

Surely most of you know that Fortnite is a game that consists of direct confrontation between several players, however, there are not many who know that this is only a part of the original game created by Epic Games.

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How to play fortnite

The truth is that when Fortnite was launched, at first it did not have a great reception. it was not until the inclusion of the Battle Royale mode that success knocked on the door of the video game.

If you are lovers of cult cinema or cinematographic curiosities. You will be aware that the name of this version of the game is copied from the tape directed by Kinji Fukasaku.

It is that after all, the principles of the game are the same that govern in the macabre movie: an island that reduces its size and a number of players / students who must kill each other until only one remains.

Fortnite and YouTube

Once the game is explained, it does not hurt to recognize that no matter how addictive it may be. YouTube has played a fundamental role in the massive diffusion that Fortnite has had.

Youtubers specialized in sharing gameplays or giving opinions on video games have dedicated a good number of hours to Fortnite, even organizing live multiplayer games broadcast through the platform.

El Rubius, one of the Spanish-speaking youtubers with the most following, organized together with 99 other youtubers. a game that reached viewing records and was a milestone in the history of Fortnite.

It is clear that the youth of the whole world already dedicate hours to the game. but the big question is how to have access to all the improvements and accessories?

The virtual currency of Fortnite

And it is that although Fornite in its Battle Royale mode is free and accessible to anyone, when it comes to acquiring improvements, skins or other accessories.

we will have to dip into the money.

In Fortnite, payments are also made through virtual currency, known in this case under the name of paVos. a currency that as always can be obtained with life-long money or through some tips and tricks that will allow us to save some money.

What is the best gaming PCs in 2022

Keep in mind that we are probably facing the most popular game on the Internet. Which means that very often news for it is put on sale and, therefore, choosing to buy with real money can end up being very expensive .

The best thing to do is to choose alternative ways to earn free v bucks without breaking your wallet. it is best to follow the following guidelines.

Trick # 1: free V Bucks for your loyalty

It is a system that we have seen ad nauseam in free games. a loyalty system that rewards the player for connecting every day.

At the end of the day, this type of free distribution creations make a lot of money through advertising. In this chain the player becomes a very important part, who must open the game every day on his device to confirm that it works as ‘mass audience’.

In the case of Fortnite, you will have to enter periodically to get fortnite free V Bucks from day 11. It is true that then you will have to continue waiting until day 28 to get more money. It is not a method to obtain abundant free V Bucks , but Is there a simpler way to get them?

Trick # 2: free V Bucks if you do your homework

Another option to win Fortnite free V Bucks is to spend some time in the ‘Save the World’ game mode. This mode includes a series of tasks to be fulfilled by the player. Tasks that can consist of killing a certain number of enemies or fulfilling some other similar requirement.

The good news about this option is that you will earn virtual money while improving your skills for the next time you enter the Battle Royale.

The reward of coins for completing tasks will depend on the difficulty of each mission. As a general rule you can expect to get at least 50 free V Bucks for each task carried out.

Trick # 3: Free V Bucks with Side Missions in Battle Royale

The Battle Royale mode is often understood as the place to crown yourself as absolute king while defeating your friends or teammates.

However, in this mode you can also choose to get free V-Bucks. In the Battle Royale mode there are secondary missions that you can dedicate yourself to at a specific moment of the game and thanks to which you will get V-Bucks.

Obviously, paying attention to those side missions can be distracting and costly. this is war and no one said that winning free V Bucks was going to be a simple mission.

Trick # 4: free Fortnite v bucks participating in events

The last trick to earn free V-Bucks is to pay close attention to the ‘Missions’ tab on the main screen. Events usually appear there periodically and occasionally, events that will help you win free V Bucks and that will allow you to progress in the game, but only if you are attentive enough to access them when they are active.

The truth is that if we think about it coldly, the key to filling our turkey account in Fornite will be none other than spending hours on the game and dedicating ourselves to snooping through all the nooks and crannies that the game hides.

A classic gamer attitude from the old days, those who were dedicated to not only beating the game, but also trying to get all the achievements and bring the progress bar to 100%.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Browser Games

Finally, and not least, with Fornite you must be on the lookout for the ‘tricks’ and rumors that circulate on the Internet to get free V-Bucks .

Go by the rule that ” if it looks too good, it probably hides something bad “, and that is that with such a popular game it is easy for those who take advantage of the Internet to cultivate their bad intentions to make an appearance.

Currently we can find several websites that advertise that by sharing a link you will get free V Bucks Fortnite, it is nothing more than a scam .

Do not be fooled and, when in doubt, consult with friends and other players, as falling into one of these traps can even lead to your account being detected as a cheater account and you are banned from the game.

Trick # 5: Using V-Bucks Generator Tool

How to V-Bucks Generator Tool?

  1. Visit this website
  2. Choose the amount you want.
  3. Input your username (To receive free V-Bucks).
  4. Verify that you are not a bot or spamming their generator tool.
  5. After verified wait for 2-5 minutes to get your free V-Bucks.
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