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The last season of Fortnite’s battle royale mode is now available, and while the most loyal fans of the title will have already explored all that the island has to offer and were discovering and learning about the game’s universe while doing so, I find myself in an impasse. I don’t consider myself an avid Fortnite fan and, because of that, I often miss many of the things that happen and affect the story that is added every season, so when I got back in the game and came across a tremendous cinematic sequence and a small mission for a single game I was surprised. But I couldn’t appreciate it properly because I didn’t see any sense in it.

To remedy this problem, I decided to swell my elbows and set out to find out how the Zero Point story had been reached. While researching he was developing this rudimentary timeline of the most important moments in the timeline of Point Zero.

Chapter 1 season 8 – 4 May, 2019 – The opening of the Vault

If you’ve been following the game for a while, you’re sure to remember this event. Players had to enter a vault located in the center of Loot Raft and there they could choose an item or weapon that had previously been removed from the game to re-include it. This was the first time we saw Point Zero, even though it had already been mentioned earlier once again. This version was a stable power source that was hidden behind singularity’s desk (a suit in the game) and was not mentioned again until the end of season 9.

Chapter 1 Season 9 – 20 July, 2019 – The Final Showdown

Fortnite has become known for hosting the craziest events you can imagine to end each season. One of the most incredible they’ve ever done was The Final Showdown, during which we could see a giant robot (Doggus) fighting an alien creature named Cattus, who wanted to slam the vault in Botín Raft to catch the Zero Point that was kept inside, but Doggus fights him and prevents him. In order to defeat the mighty monster, Doggus ends up opening the vault with punches and uses the energy of the point itself to take down the beast. The bad news is that this caused Ground Zero to destabilize and increase in size until the arrival of Season X, which would be soon after.

Chapter 1 Season X – 1 August, 2019 and El Fin – October 13, 2019

Season X was Epic’s chosen way to finish the first iteration of battle royale mode and we saw the return of several things from previous seasons thanks to a strange disruption of the space-time continuum caused by the expansion of Zero Point. Over the weeks they returned, one way or another, a lot of places and events that had been in the game before. Although the high point would be reached with El Fin, an event that would break everyone’s schemes on the Internet.

During this end-of-season event we saw it as a rocket controlled by The Visitor (another character/suit in the game) crashing into Point Zero, sending players to the sky and creating a mega crevice at the same time. Then, to further complicate the situation, a slash of rockets piloted by The Seven (a group of which hardly anything is known) also crashed into it causing it to explode with even greater violence, leaving the island full of stars. After this, Point Zero collapsed and caused the appearance of a black hole that absorbed everything there was and so, with nothing, it was how it stayed for several days. People were hysterical on forums and social media, remember?

Chapter 2 Season 1 – 15 October, 2019

After a stop, the black hole caused by Point Zero was re-established and resulted in a new Big Bang. Fortnite’s map had been reconfigured using the memories of the previous one. Although this event was a save and a great start to the new era of the game, the story of Point Zero took a break until… Well, until season 4, no more, no less.

Chapter 2 Season 4 – 27 August, 2020 and The World Eater – December 1, 2020

This season marked a milestone in the title’s history, as there was the most incredible crossover seen to date, a full season dedicated to Marvel. The season was based on the premise that the Avengers had to be helped defeat Galactus, who had set out to devour Point Zero, which until now had rested peacefully underground without causing further problems.

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Galactus planned to eat Point Zero to take advantage of his power and to be able to stop the gigantic villain, we had to participate in the biggest live event in the history of the game in which we have the help of Iron Man, Thor and Lobezno Tony Stark’s plan was to throw a lot of battle buses into his mouth to prevent him from swallowing Point Zero and reality collapsing. Although the players successfully accomplished the mission, so much turmoil caused Point Zero to become incredibly unstable.

This is when we first saw Agent Jones, a character who, from then on, would be key to the development of the Zero Point story.

Chapter 2 Season 5 – 2 December, 2020

The season that just ended, recently, was known for the huge number of crossovers that we could see and even revealed something more of the background of the story thanks to, among other things, audio files that were shared on social networks.

Because of Galactus’ envites, Point Zero had become very unstable and began doing strange things to Fortnite Island. It led to the opening of several portals that served to recruit Agent Jones to recruit several hunters from other franchises, such as The Master Chief, Kratos, Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley. Because of Agent Jones’ jumps, the instability of Point Zero grew to a point where he started to emit a pulse every two minutes as the end of the season approached, leading us to the present.

Chapter 2 Season 6 – 6 March, 2021

With Point Zero collapsing again, Agent Jones jumps into the ring disobeying his boss’s orders (as far as we know, her name is Dr. Slone) and goes in search of the mysterious group of Seven. Using a strange contraption that fires cracks to stop the deterioration and with the help of all the hunters recruited to protect him from the savages during the battle royale (yes, I mean you Mancake), Agent Jones manages to get to Ground Zero and avoid collapse just as a member of the Seven appears , known as The Foundation.

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After making a deal with him, he will help him fix Point Zero in exchange for Jones handing him over to Geno (at the moment we have no idea who he is), we embark on a small mission to perform solo. The mission is to close a series of portals to prevent Point Zero from collapsing again and while we’re doing it, reality is changing and we’ll transform into Lara Croft, Coomandante, chicken cachas, and Raz (two new costumes).

Although we stop the collapse successfully once again, the Foundation must be sealed next to Point Zero so that it does not deteriorate further and does not explode again. Finally, a metal formation appears around or around, also known as The Needle.

And from there, we move on to the present. It doesn’t look like the Zero Point story is over yet, although, for now, there’s no way of knowing if we’ll continue to discover bits of “lore” as the season unfolds or if there will be another stop. As Season 6 progresses, we’ll find out the answer to that question, something that’s less and less for.

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