Tips for being productive while telecommuting

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Although in Spain the habit of teleworking is still not very widespread, every day more companies and organizations offer their employees the possibility of working from home, as a measure to provide flexibility to their workers and thus facilitate family and work reconciliation. This is an outstanding measure within what is known as emotional salary, which consists of the remuneration that an employee receives in non-economic matters, and whose fundamental objective is the satisfaction of the worker’s personal and family needs.

Telework is thus a possibility that some companies offer their workers to ease their workload and adapt it to their particular life. Being an absolutely positive measure, both for organizations and for workers, it is a step that many companies find it difficult to take.

Benefits of teleworking

In addition to the flexibility to be able to reconcile professional life with work life, teleworking offers many more benefits, among which we can highlight:

Increase worker performance.

According to a study carried out by Stanford University, workers who are offered this possibility have a 13% better performance compared to other workers.

Reduce stress.

Professional work is carried out in a calmer way, by having more control over the environment, schedules, or the possibility of avoiding conflicts with other colleagues.

There are fewer work distractions.

Contrary to what can happen in the office, where calls or conversations and requests from colleagues can be distracting, at home we have complete control over these issues.

Time flexibility.

This working model offers the possibility of better managing work and rest times.

Less risk of accidents and less stress due to travel.

Avoiding displacement means that there is no possibility of suffering an accident on the way and that the large crowds of people that can occur are not suffered.

Option for people with disabilities.

The option of teleworking opens many possibilities for people with disabilities, especially those with mobility problems, to carry out work with a great performance from their homes.

Taking into account its unquestionable value, it is very important to be aware that it is not the same to work at home as in the office, because in our home we have a greater number of elements that can disperse our attention. Therefore, we provide you with a series of tips so that your teleworking performance is the maximum :

Tips for effective telecommuting

Knowing what are the great benefits that the possibility of teleworking offers, it is convenient to know a series of tips so that your performance working at home is just as efficient as in the office:

  1. Set concrete and realistic schedule. Make a weekly schedule that forces you to meet a series of times, and set a series of goals on a daily basis to ensure your performance.
  2. Try to separate your workspace from the rest of the house or rooms that are distracting as much as possible. In this sense, it is important that your workplace is different from your resting place.
  3. Avoid domestic interruptions. Like what would happen if you were at work, save housework for after your shift.
  4. Keep in touch with your colleagues and managers, since it facilitates the work that is being done.
  5. Stretch your legs. Try to get up from the site and stretch your legs every so often.
  6. This is one of the most complex aspects since it is difficult for us to know what tasks someone else is doing. In this sense, it is important to explain to our relatives the need for concentration that we need.