Information technology services, what are they?

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Being able to differentiate yourself in a saturation and competitive environment is an hard task. Progressively, a more noteworthy number of organizations break down their environment, in addition to the weaknesses they may have, with the aim of being efficient, operational, and, above all, useful for society. In that sense, relying on information technology services is a direct guarantee of success.

The services information technology they can be defined as a set of activities that seek to respond to the needs presented by a client in relation to the conditions of computer assets, or also called assets, promoting their value and reducing at the same time the existing and inherent risk of any system. This term refers to the use of telecommunication equipment, as well as computers and computers used for the processing, storage, and transmission of data.

The first uses and connotations of information technology began to occur in the middle of the 20th century. However, before this date, the human being was already used to the treatment, processing, and transmission of information. Of course, these processes were carried out with rudimentary technology and tools, compared to the current level of technological developmentalism.

Many of the initial limitations had to do with device dimensions, processing speed, and memory volatility. But, without a doubt, one of the great challenges had to do with the arrival of the Internet. The need to communicate, process, and select data has always accompanied man. For this reason, over time, both devices and technology have changed in order to offer increasingly specialized solutions.

The stability of the Internet and the development of new communication and information technologies have been two determining factors for the sector. Today, information technologies are essential for the correct development of mobile devices, televisions, and tablets being used interchangeably both in the professional and personal fields. At CTI we have been offering different solutions based on information technology such as the following:

-Consulting and project management. At CTI we monitor, control, audit, and validate all projects executed by third parties in order to guarantee exhaustive compliance with the objectives set. We also develop process analysis, in addition to implementation in specific information systems.

-Development of applications. In addition to being specialists in offering information technology solutions, from CTI we have a team made up of professionals specialized in the design and execution of applications related to JAVA, INET, ASP, and PHP technologies, among others. We also perform consulting services auditing various processes and procedures to audit the management of commercial credit in force.

  • Managed services and technical support. Quality technical assistance is key to undertaking jobs with impeccable results. At CTI we offer remote and in-person administration of systems, hardware, basic software, and applications, as well as technical assistance and development of solutions in database environments such as Unix, Linux, SQL, Server, Java, or JavaScript. LAN / WAN management, IP services, the implementation of mediation devices, together with the PC’s administration agents are other services that we offer from CTI, without forgetting the integration and administration of applications on the Internet.
  • Without a doubt, it is one of the great hallmarks of CTI. We offer electronic contracting, electronic and postal certified notification, electronic communication, certified publication, and electronic invoices, guaranteeing the legal security of online transactions in collaboration with Loyalty.
  • The trusted third party intervenes between the parties of an online contract or notification to guarantee the processes involved in electronic transactions. The integrity and security of the service are ensured with the notarial deposit of the documents. As you can see from CTI we can offer you an information technology service specialized and according to the needs that our clients present. Get in touch with our trained technical staff to find specific solutions to each situation. We will wait for you.